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  • How much time do I really have with my physician?
    As opposed to standard insurance-based treatment which only allows between 5-15 minutes of face-to-face time with your provider, Glow Dermatology’s Direct Care option allows appointments to average between 20 minutes to a full hour, depending on the reason for visit. This allows you time to address your issues, ask any questions, and fully discuss your treatment plan.
  • Can I get reimbursed for the visit fees?
    Glow Dermatology will be happy to provide a super bill of services that you can submit to your insurance provider. Please note that each insurance plan is different and depending on the plan you selected reimbursement information will vary.
  • Do you sell skin care products?
    Glow Dermatology offers a variety of hand selected products ranging from Sunscreen to Anti-Aging products. If you’re not sure which product you should use, we are happy to help curate a customized skin care regimen.
  • How much will an office visit cost?
    New Patient visits for skin issues are $150, whereas New Patient Hair Loss appointments are $225 (this price includes the cost of biopsy if needed). Hair loss appointments are more expensive as they require a more complex exam and discussion. Established Patient visits for skin issues and including established hair loss are $110. Cosmetic Consultation visits are $200 (this visit is applied to total price of cosmetic service) Please note that we offer a full range of treatment options, and all pricing is discussed during your visit, prior to any treatment being administered.
  • Can I use my insurance?
    Glow Dermatology does not accept insurance in the traditional sense, we will not bill insurance for visits. However, we do accept HSA and FSA payments in addition to Care Credit and all major credit cards. You are also urged to reach out to your insurance provider to inquire about any out of network benefits you may have.
  • Can I use my insurance for my prescriptions?
    Yes! We urge you to use your insurance to cover any prescription medicines and/or lab work ordered.
  • Do you see pediatric patients?
    Glow Dermatology does not see children under the age of 6. If you have dermatologic concerns for any little person under the age of 6, we are happy to recommend a pediatric dermatologist to suit your needs.
  • How long is the office wait time?
    Our schedule was created with our patients in mind. We believe that your time is just as valuable as ours. While we cannot anticipate everything, we strive to be as efficient as possible to keep wait times minimal. We appreciate our patients doing their part by being on time for their appointments.
  • What is Direct Care?
    At Glow Dermatology we pride ourselves on our patient connection. Beyond Dermatological needs, Glow Dermatology offers an experience unlike other offices. We consider it our privilege to offer the best patient care possible and believe that going above and beyond should be the standard for Health Care. Offering a relaxed and comfortable experience with your provider, rather than being rushed in and out. We offer customized care allowing time to get fully acquainted with our patient and their unique needs. In order to advocate for our patients in the best way possible, Glow Dermatology utilizes a Direct Care model for payment. This allows for longer appointments, customized care, as well as transparent pricing with no unexpected bills. We offer competitive pricing at much lower rates than that billed to insurance, typically ranging between $100-225 for an appointment; depending on appointment reason and treatment needed this price will vary but will be fully explained at the time of the appointment prior to any procedures if needed. Payment is collected in full for services rendered and you never have to worry about any hidden fees or non-covered services. Any dermatologist can offer evaluations and treatment, but Glow Dermatology plans to revolutionize Dermatology by offering customized treatments for each patient and their personal needs. We believe there is a difference between knowing and understanding. Consider Glow Dermatology and its staff as your health care advocate; from start to finish.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Easily! To avoid having to wait on hold you can book online here. Should you have any questions you’re welcome to call our office.


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