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New Patient Visit


Established Patient Visit (Including Established Hair Loss)


Hair Loss New


(includes biopsies if needed)

Full Skin Exam Est (new will fall under New Patient visit)


(includes AK freezing and biopsies if needed)

Cosmetic Consultation


(applied to total price of service)

Virtual visit (established patients, seen in the last 12 months only)


Intralesional Injection only (acne lesion, cyst, HS flare, scalp)


In order to advocate for our patients in the best way possible, Glow Dermatology utilizes a Direct Care model for payment. This allows for longer appointments, customized care, as well as transparent pricing with no unexpected bills.

We offer competitive pricing at much lower rates than that billed to insurance, typically ranging between $120-$275 for an appointment; depending on appointment reason and treatment needed this price will vary but will be fully explained at the time of the appointment prior to any procedures if needed.


If your visit requires additional procedures such as a biopsy and/or freezing, there will be an additional fee(s) as noted below.  These additional fees will be discussed prior to performing the procedure.

Biopsy (each)


Benign lesion removal (DPN, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry angiomas, SKs)


each up to a quantity of 5

Benign lesion removal 6-20


Benign lesion removal 20-40


DPN (tiny moles on face) removal for full face & neck (over 40 in quantity)



Price determined at consultation


Price determined at consultation

Wart/molluscum cryotherapy (1-5)


Wart/molluscum cryotherapy (6-10)


Wart/molluscum cryotherapy (11-15)


Incision/Drainage of abcess/cyst



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